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Started in 1989...

`by a small group of parents and school administrators from the South School.  Stoughton Extended Day has grown into a comprehensive year round support program for working families in the Town of Stoughton.  We are a private, non-profit organization providing a safe, fun, educational environment for your children.  Stoughton Extended Day is certified by the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC).  Currently we are serving children from 15 months through the 8th Grade.  Our programs are open year round, the most flexible, value based you will find in Town.  If you need care for your children we are here to help.  Established in September 2003, The Preschool at Stoughton Extended Day is also certified by the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) and is open year round.  If you would like further information on any of our programs please call our main office at 781-344-5512.


About our Before and After School Programs


We offer a Before School Program at all of the elementary schools in town.  The Before School Program opens at 7:00 a.m. every day school is in session.  Our After School Programs are open from school dismissal for grades K-8, till 6:00 p.m. every day school is in session.  This includes Early Thursdays and all other early dismissals. We are closed on holidays, snow days, and vacation weeks in accordance with the public school’s schedule.  For an additional fee, we do offer programs during December, February and April vacations, as well as all summer.


Program Locations: (After School)

Our after school program operates out of two schools: the Hansen School, 1800 Central Street, and the Jones School, 137 Walnut Street.  Upon dismissal from school, SED staff meets the children at each school.  The children are then transported to the appropriate site by an SED program school bus.  A non-refundable $25 fee is due upon registration (one per family).   There is a 20% discount for additional children. 


•     All prices include transportation to the site, on-site activities, and a daily snack and drink.

•     A thirty-day written notice is required before withdrawal or decrease in enrollment.

•     Tuition is based on a 180-day school year.  Tuition payments remain the same each and every month regardless of vacation  

      days, snow days, holidays, etc.  Payments are averaged over the 10-month school year.

•     Additional emergency days (regular afternoon or Early Thursday) for those already enrolled in the program can be purchased for an additional $35 for After School; $10.50 for Before School.  Simply contact your site coordinator and notify your child’s school.  Field trips may be offered at an additional cost.



A site coordinator monitors the site and handles the day-to-day operation of the program.  We offer child-to-staff ratios of 13:1 or better.  All staff are trained and hired in accordance with Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) regulations and guidelines.  All staff are also CPR and first aid certified, CORI, SORI and BRC screened to insure your child’s safety.


How do I sign up?

Please call our office at 781-344-5512 or E-mail us at or download the forms from this website.  Once you’ve received all necessary paperwork, please fill it out and mail it along with the first month’s payment and the $25 registration fee to:  Stoughton Extended Day, P. O. Box 257, Stoughton, MA  02072-0257.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.



All payments are due on or before the first of each month. No monthly statements are sent.  Any payment not received by the first of the month will be considered late and you will be responsible for a $20 per month late fee.  There will be a $20 service charge for any returned check.  Additionally, should your account become delinquent and we are forced to turn it over for collection you will be responsible for all collection costs as well as reasonable attorney fees.  Tuition fees may be subject to change.  A 30-day notice will be given.


Vacation Programs and Summer Camp


We are conveniently located at the Edwin Jones Elementary School (lower level) accessed from the rear of the building via Park Ave., off Route 27.  We serve children entering Grades K through 8, who live in Stoughton or surrounding towns.  Staff to child ratio is 10 to 1 or better (Ages 6 or older).  Age 6 or younger 5 to 1, *children with mild disabilities 4 to 1, and 2 to 1 for severely disabled children (*extra charges may apply).  This vacation program complies with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and is licensed by the local Board of Health (105 CMR 430). Copies of our health care, behavior management, and background check policies are available upon request.


Hours of Operation:

We are open from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Moday through Friday (Closed on July 4th).  Middle School Children (Grades 6, 7 and 8) - We will be offering alternate field trips for this age group throughout the summer.  Not on every trip, but we will do our best to keep them happy.  We also have a special middle school room complete with 50” TV, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, computers and air conditioning!

Counselor in Training Program - We offer a CIT program for children entering 7thgrade or higher who are interested in working with the younger kids and learning how to be a counselor, babysitter, or getting prepared for their future in the job market.  



All staff are selected on the basis of experience, enthusiasm, creativity, and special talents. All are: CPR/First Aid certified and trained.  CORI/SORI/BRC checked for the safety of your children.



We have become well known for our fabulous field trips all over eastern Massachusetts!  We do either a field trip or activity every day.  We offer free swimming lessons one day every week at a local pool, as well as a day trip to a local pond.  We escort children to Arts in the Park and the Stoughton Public Library.  Magicians, musicians, scientists and other educators and entertainers will inform and delight us at camp.  Regular daily activities include arts & crafts projects, board games, moonwalk, outdoor sports and playground activities.   Middle School children have separate trips such as a kayaking, laser tag, trips into Boston, age appropriate movies, a scavenger hunt by private limo, a walking tour of Stoughton and other more mature activities.


Fees: (the most flexible camp you’ll find)

• Weekly prices start at $280.00 for 5 days. Flexible scheduling for 1, 2, 3 or 4 days.  Vouchers are accepted.

• All-inclusive pricing includes full day from 7:30-6:00 (no extra charges for early drop off or late pick up), all snacks, field trips, and activities.

• The registration fee of $25.00 will be waived if you sign up by June 1.

• Free camp T-shirt with registration of 2 weeks or more; additional shirts $10.00.  Children must wear a camp T-shirt daily!

• Additional child (immediate family) discount of 20%.

• Families are responsible for bag lunch only.

All payments are due according to the payment schedule (4 weeks in advance) and will be considered late if not paid by that deadline.  You will be responsible for a late fee of $20 per week.  There will also be a $20 service charge for any returned check.  Additionally, should your account become delinquent and we are forced to turn it over for collection you will be responsible for all collection costs as well as reasonable attorney fees.



Written notice 2 weeks or more before the start of your week – 75%.  Two weeks or less – 50%.  After the start of your week there are no refunds.  No refunds will be given for missed days.


Toddler and Preschool Programs


We offer full and half day program in our Preschool located at the Edwin A. Jones Early Childhood Center.  The school is conveniently located near Stoughton Center, area parks, playgrounds, the public library and main thoroughfares.  We are licensed through the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). 


Whether you already have children in Stoughton Public Schools, or this is your first child, you will find our program convenient, competitively priced and loads of fun for your little one.  Come and check us out!

Typical Daily Schedule

Toddler/Pre-school Room Schedule

Pre-kindergarten Room Schedule

7:30 AM Arrival / Free play

7:30 AM Arrival / Free Play

9:00 AM Snack Time

8:30 AM Circle Time /Calendar/Weather/Song /Story

9:15 AM Gross Motor Activities

9:15 AM Snack / Toileting*

10:00 AM Circle Time/Calendar/Weather /Song /Story

9:45 AM Center Time

10:30 AM Table time / Small Group Activities/Crafts

10:00 AM Table Time Activity/Small Group/ Crafts

11:00 AM Center Time

11:00 AM Gross Motor / Outdoor Play/gym

11:30 AM Lunch / Toileting*   

11:30 AM Lunch / Toileting*

12:00 PM Table Time / Small Group Activities/Crafts

12:00 PM Computers/Puzzles/Books/Crafts

12:30 PM Rest Time

12:30 Rest Time

1:30 PM Snack / Toileting*

1:30 PM Snack / Toileting*

2:00 PM Center Time

2:00 PM Gross Motor/ Outdoor Play

2:30 PM Gross Motor/ Outdoor Play

3:00 PM Free Play / Art / Music / Stories/ Computer

3:30 PM Table Time / Small Group Activities/Crafts

3:30 PM Table Time / Small Group Activity/Crafts

4:00 PM Toileting*

4:30 PM Center Time

4:15 PM Free Play / Art / Music / Stories/ Computer

5:15 PM Free Play / Art / Music / Stories/ Computer

5:30 PM Small Afternoon Circle / Story Time

6:00 PM Time to Go Home

6:00 PM Time to Go Home

*All children are encouraged to use the bathroom facilities throughout the day.


If you would like further information please call our office at 781-344-5512 or drop us an e-mail at


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